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Ocean Spray

The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) is an annual contest held nationwide by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for college students.
I participated as the Creative Director and contributed to the overall art direction for our campaign. Also, I was one of the four representatives to present our campaign to the AAF judges.

Role: Creative Director  /  Agency: CSUF AAF Team  /  Client: Oceanspray  /  Media: Integrated  /  Art Directors: Cindy Nguyen, Hoss Ro  /  Copywriter: Quyen Truong  /  Creative AE: Miranda Rinehart  /  Strategy: Adam Hansard, Rebecca Hearn  /  Creatives: Jeff Cukrov, Ian Duly, Gina Hamadani, Robert Miyoshi, Kristopher Porter, Marisol Solis, Paige Wilson  /  Account Planners: Anthony Bellanca, Joshua Bustamante, Steven Wong  /  Accounts AE: Helen Jeong  /  Media Directors: Marianna Jimenez, Jack-Ryan Quirk  /  Media AE: Zoe Berry // Advisors: Keith Kesler, Carolyn Coal

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